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Embark on a timeless journey with our exquisite red sandalwood, radiating elegance and an aura of magic. Our farm thoroughly nurtures these precious trees, guaranteeing their sustainability and ultimately ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Immerse yourself in nature’s artistry, celebration in the attractive pull of red sandal, and allow our brand to serve as your gateway to extraordinary luxury.

SPP are in real estate business since 2006 and the vast experience gathered in all these times has enabled us to feed to our guests with impeccable and precised results. In 2017, SPP introduced Red Sandal cropland conception with legal process. We successfully completed 3000 acres of colony, gained 8000 customers trust and come settlers in Red Sandal Plantation. SPP is ensemble company to bring integrated red sandal husbandry to the guests as landowners, also rolled as companions.

Our main headquarters is in Vijayawada, with an additional branch in Hyderabad. We are currently in the process of expanding our market presence in Bangalore soon. Our customers are our most invaluable asset, and we prioritize their satisfaction. We actively seek suggestions and maintain open communication with our customers, providing daily updates through our social networking channels.

We play a crucial role in resolving the challenges associated with the acquisition of Red Sandal farming lands in the Prakasam and Nellore districts. We carefully recommend properties to our clients, taking into consideration their specific requirements. As we make strides in the Red Sandal farming sector, we are determined to continue our progress.

Why Red Sandal Investment?

The highest quality red sandalwood is exclusively cultivated in six districts of Andhra Pradesh, making it a unique source of this precious wood across the globe. The products derived from this wood will be distributed worldwide. The scarcity of this wood has generated significant market demand due to its limited supply, accordingly investing in red sandalwood presents an opportunity to achieve finest returns.

Why Sai Properties?

SPP has introduced a legitimate process for the concept of Red Sandal farmland and offers transparency to its customers throughout its development. The export of Red Sandal products generates extensive profits as every component of the red sandalwood plant, including leaves and roots, is utilized in product manufacturing. SPP guarantees a risk-free investment for customers and is committed to delivering the promised returns. SPP has been honored with excellence awards from HMTV and Times Group for its outstanding investment plans.


India Today | Excellence in Red Sandal Plantation Projects in AP- 2023

India Today Excellent red sandal plantation Award AP -2023
India Today Excellent red sandal plantation Award AP -2023
India Today Excellent red sandal plantation Award AP -2023

HMTV | Best Investment Solutions- 2022

HMTV Best Investment Solutions Award - 2022
HMTV Best Investment Solutions Award - 2022
HMTV Best Investment Solutions Award - 2022


Our vision revolves around investing in research and development initiatives that promote the processing of red sandal products, aiming to maximize economic returns. Additionally, we aim to emerge as the leading red sandal farming company worldwide.


Our primary mission is to achieve a total of 10,000 acres of red sandal plantations, and we have already fulfilled 3000 acres towards this goal. We are dedicated to the implementation of cutting-edge farming techniques, fostering collaboration, and practicing responsible land management, all with the aim of establishing ourselves as a pioneering force in red sandal farming.


For over 12 years, Sai Properties & Projects has been actively involved in the highly profitable cultivation of red sandal plantations, positioning itself as a pioneer in the realm of commercial Agri-farming. Our success can be attributed to our focus on delivering exceptional quality plants, implementing effective fertilization methods, and utilizing advanced equipment.

SPP holds great pride in its continuous pursuit of innovative and sustainable practices, revolutionary initiatives, and responsible business conduct. In our quest to achieve high customer satisfaction, we are setting new benchmarks for operational efficiencies and redefining paradigms.

SPP expresses gratitude to our dedicated team for their time management, positive contributions, and successful endeavors that have brought joy to our customers and established SPP as pioneers in the field of red sandal plantation. At the core of our long-term sustainability lies our commitment to fostering enduring and trustworthy relationships with our customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders. Equally important is our dedication to giving back to the community, which serves as the foundation for our operations.

The company’s endeavor to establish a new branch has proven to be fruitful, yielding concrete results. We persist in delivering value to our esteemed customers by leveraging the power of social networking. With unwavering support from both our team and customers, I firmly believe that SPP will achieve incomparable success in the forthcoming year.

CH. Srinivasa Rao

sai properties and projects chairmsn

“Discover the allure of our red sandalwood. From our farms to your hands, we bring you the essence of nature’s beauty”

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